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TheTreble Wore

The Treble Wore Trouble Cover

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208 pages

Police Chief Hayden Konig is right at home in his little mountain town of St. Germaine, North Carolina. As a detective, he's first rate. As the organist and choir director at St. Barnabas Church, he is par excellence. But, as a crime writer, he's a far cry from his hard-boiled hero, Raymond Chandler. Still, he is not deterred. Why should he be? He owns Mr. Chandler's typewriter.

Three thousand miles away, Marsha suddenly woke to the sound of beetles scurrying and the smell of sewage, and couldn’t help thinking that if she had only gone to choir practice instead of that Beth Moore Bible Study, none of this would be happening, the First Methodist youth group wouldn’t have been eaten by cannibals, and she wouldn’t be left with only seven toes, or be locked in a Peruvian jail with a large, unhygienic woman named Adelgonda who liked having her feet rubbed.

It's Ash Wednesday, and with the season of Lent and St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, it seems the perfect time for the new Lutheran-pastor-turned-Episcopal-priest to put her own stamp on the worship style of St. Barnabas. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

With a dead body and a kidnapping to sort out, Hayden doesn't have much time to worry about the Reverend Rosemary Pepperpot-Cohosh. Maybe he should.