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TheBass Wore

Book Cover of The Bass Wore Scales

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240 pages

Where does a 500 lb. “born-again” gorilla sleep?
Anywhere he wants!

For Detective Hayden Konig, things are going well. He enjoys his two jobs, he’s independently wealthy, his girlfriend has agreed not to marry him, and no one has been killed in St. Germaine since Palm Sunday.

In spite of all this success, Hayden has one more dream to realize—he longs to be a writer. As the organist and choir director of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, he takes every opportunity to inflict his attempts at hard-boiled, musical detective stories on the choir, and, to boost his credibility, he’s even purchased Raymond Chandler’s actual typewriter. It doesn’t help.

Although Brandi had been named Valedictorian and the outfit for her speech carefully chosen to prove that beauty and brains could indeed mix, she suddenly regretted her choice of attire, her rain-soaked T-shirt now valiantly engaging in the titanic struggle between the tensile strength of cotton and Newton’s first law of motion.

Summers in North Carolina are usually peaceful, but when Kokomo, the world-famous "signing" gorilla, comes to town, suddenly there’s a dead body in the church and all the evidence points to the great ape. Can Hayden figure out the mystery in time to save Kokomo? (Well, of course he can ...)