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TheBaritone Wore

Book Cover of The Baritone Wore Chiffon

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208 pages

Hayden Konig's detective story is not going well. Being a part-time Episcopal choirmaster and a full-time police detective doesn't leave much time for a burgeoning whodunit novelist—not even one who owns Raymond Chandler's old typewriter.

Their giant rubber shoes were tapping in anticipation, slapping against the floor with that sound that a goldfish makes after leaping out of its bowl but before your mother finds it stuck to the linoleum, and as I gazed around the center ring at Mr. Pickles, Tonk-Tonk, Grabby, Cheezo, Honker and Uncle Winky, I remembered skipping the chapter in my Beginning Detective's Handbook entitled "How To Subdue Six Homicidal Clowns" and realized I had made a terrible mistake.

Hayden Konig returns in this uproarious adventure that takes him from his home in the mountains of North Carolina to the city of York in the north of England. As the season of Lent begins, there's an interim priest at St. Barnabas — a priest with a wife — and she has an agenda. If the "Edible Last Supper" (featuring the Mary Magdalene Coffee Bar), wasn't enough, Hayden also has to deal with a Clown Eucharist, snakes loose in the church, the Feng Shui Altar Guild, and a dwarf verger named Wenceslas. Soon it becomes clear that the murder in York has repercussions far exceeding the borders of England. Two dead bodies and counting. Now Hayden has some real problems.